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David Zinger – Employee Engagement Expert and Social Media Leader

Global. David Zinger is a sought after author, educator, coach, and consultant focused intently on employee engagement. David fuses a prairie presence with a global reach. He has worked from Winnipeg to Warsaw and Wales, from British Columbia to Barcelona, and from Saskatoon Saskatchewan to San Antonio Texas.

Prairies. David brings an expansive and open prairie perspective to his work. He has lived his life on the Canadian prairies and this prairie influence includes a wide open view of engagement, a down-to-earth perspective on work, a connection to people and community, being on the same level as everyone else, and creating authentic results.

Books. David wrote Zengage: How to Get More Into Your Work to Get More Out of Your Work and Assorted Zingers: Poems and Cartoon to Take a Bite Out of Work. He also created, in conjunction with members of his employee engagement network, 6 inspirational and informative e-books on employee engagement ranging from Engaging Questions to the ABC’s of Employee Engagement.

Model. David is devoted to employee engagement and his work ranges from presentations and workshops to writing over 1200 blog post on the topic. David developed the results-focused, colorful, and connected 14-element model: Employee Engagement for Results.

Community. David is enthralled by community and he founded and hosts the 4500 member Employee Engagement Network. David Zinger firmly believes this community will play a major role in an increase in global employee engagement by the year 2020.

Educator. David is an educator. He has a Master’s of Education degree specializing in counselling psychology and his thesis was on humor in counselling. David has taught educational psychology and counselling psychology at the University of Manitoba for 25 years. He has created and designed a number of university courses on adult learning and engaged leadership. While working at the counselling center in the university David provided counselling assistance for over 300 procrastinators and learned about the personal, social, and structural challenges of engaging in work. David is also certified to teach 3 powerful Vital Smarts courses for Shared Visions Crucial Conversations, The Influencer, and Crucial Confrontations.

Counsellor. David’s pervasive experience includes 15 years embedded as the employee assistance counsellor at Seagram, Ltd. in Gimli. This was the home of Crown Royal and David was instrumental in fostering personal and career engagement for this organization. David is indebted to all the employees of this plant site for giving him such a rich experience and understanding of the dynamics of work and career.

Bees. David is working with Aganetha Dyck, a Canadian Governor General Award Winner in Visual and Media Arts, making connections between engagement, honey bees, work, and community. He is planning to conduct a project in 2011 on thinking differently inside the hive – a fusion of honeybee and social media engagement that will involve making connections inside the hive between networked computers and bees.

Family. David is married to Susan and they are the parents of Jack, Katharine, and Luke.

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