3 Acts

Ecotone Edges and Enthusiasms

A 3 Act Play within the Hive and Beyond

Think Differently Inside the Hive

Act 1: Lifting the Lid (summer 2010)
Act 1 is an introduction to bees and hives.  This was an initial placement of office related objects into the hive and early study of bees and their behavior. The theme for act 1 is learning and invitation.

Act 2:  Into the Dark (summer 2011) During 2011, I will establish a website for the project and place inactive notebook/net book computers into the hive.  This will be a period of more extensive study on the links between bees, hives, organizations, and online communities. After the summer of 2012 there will be requests for funding and support to grown this project for the final act. The theme for act 2 is the darkness of the hive and organizations, colony collapse disorder, and the “screen-sucking” powers of our mobile computer screen screaming media.

Act 3: Royal Jelly (summer 2012) Placement of live networked computers, tablets, smart phones in the hive for one day and invitations extended beyond Winnipeg for placements of computers elsewhere around the globe on the same day. This will be fused with a fundraiser to support the bees. The theme for act 3 is development and thinking differently inside our hives and beyond.


Action 4: Conclusions and Implications (2013). This would be a period for exhibits, a book, and presentations to encourage organizations and individuals to think differently inside their hives.

David Zinger, M.Ed.


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Here an image collage from the first summer of collaboration with honey bees: