Summer Solstice Social – June 20, 2012

The Summer Solstice Social 2012 will be the third summer of this project. My intention is to place networked computer in the hives. These computers will be able to receive and send signals tied into social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Webinars, etc. This must be done in a way not to cause harm to the community of bees within the hive.

My desire is for us to explore the ecotone: the transition between two communities, a boundary space that separates one environment from another. Where is the edge between the social community of honeybees and social media?

The computers, tablets, or smart phones will be live for only for one day and then transformed into a sculpture by the bees. The day and project will also serve as a fundraiser for honey bee research and support.

The specific date is June 20, 2012 from about 8AM CDT to 6:09PM CDT. The bees will be located near Starbuck Manitoba and the humans can be at any computer, smart phone, or tablet around the globe.

Social media followers from around the world will have the opportunity to tweet the bees, listen to the hive talk, and participate in a wide range of other activities.